Bucs QB Freeman Benched



In a mildly surprising move today, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have benched quarterback Josh Freeman and named rookie Mike Glennon the starter. The Bucs are 0-3, with losses to the Jets and Saints by a combined three points, before being blown out by 20 in New England. There had been some signs earlier in the year that Freeman’s run in Tampa might be coming to an end. The team did not extend Freeman’s contract in the offseason, and having been drafted by the previous regime, has had issues with second year head coach Greg Schiano. Despite being a team captain for the last three seasons, Josh Freeman was not selected for that honor by his teammates this year. There are some reports that Schiano may have rigged the voting so that this would happen, but he has denied these accusations. Freeman also missed the team picture before the season started. Freeman will be the backup, but Tampa Bay will entertain trade offers as they move forward with Mike Glennon. The 6′-6″ third round draft pick out of N.C. State will make his NFL debut this sunday against the Arizona Cardinals, then have a week to improve during a bye week before the next game versus the Philadelphia Eagles.


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