Drake- Nothing Was The Same



Well worth the wait, Drake’s third studio album Nothing Was The Same  hit stores yesterday, and it seems as if “Drizzy” may have another hit on his hands. Drake attempts to follow the success of his Grammy award-winning Take Care through continued use of his signature sound and combination of rapping and singing, while also showing improvement. It is evident that Drake, along with close friend and executive producer Noah “40” Shebib, tried to make this album very cohesive, with a smooth flow from track to track. The distinct lack of features also helps create this flow, as well as giving listeners a greater insight into Drake’s message and emotions. There’s something for everyone on Nothing Was The Same, from heavy bass-thumping rap to all-singing R&B songs, and everything in between. The album is definitely a must have. But we shouldn’t have expected anything different. The only thing to do now is see how quickly NWTS rises up the charts.


*As a sports tie-in, Drake was all over the ESPN networks yesterday promoting both his album and the release of FIFA 14


4 thoughts on “Drake- Nothing Was The Same

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